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The Top Five Anti-Virus Programs On The Market

When you are choosing which Anti-Virus software you are going to use for your home or business, it can be a rather daunting choice, and we’re going to help you make that choice by talking about 5 of the best Anti-Virus programs on the market today.

5 – Comodo Internet Security sports a wonderful interface, and while it’s malware protection and firewall seem to work excellently, the percentage of viruses it actually detected was rather lacking.

4 – Panda Cloud antivirus is a very easy to use antivirus solution, and has very good detection rates, but is , at the end of the day, terribly slow at scanning, something Panda has said they’re working to improve

3 – Microsoft Security Essentials is very efficient at finding viruses, but has a very poor record at finding malware. As a plus, it is very easy to acquire straight through Windows.

2 – Avira Antivir is extremely good at doing its core job of rooting out viruses and other malware, but it’s interface leaves a lot to be desired.

1 – By far the best antivirus on the market is Avast, which scans quickly, has a good interface, and has a wonderful detection rate.

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