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Why Switching To VoIP Makes Sense For Small Businesses

Long gone are the days where businesses have to pay hundreds of dollars on their phone bill each and every month. With an invention known as VOIP, small businesses can make phone calls directly over the Internet. With a crystal clear voice on the other end of the phone, most people don’t even notice the difference between VOIP and a traditional phone line.

If your small business hasn’t made the switch to VOIP yet, here are some key reasons why you should jump the ship today:

Cheap – As noted above, phone bills can range anywhere from 1 to as much as 30 per month. The great thing about it is that most companies offer unlimited calling.

Free Features – Most major phone companies often charge for features such as call forwarding, caller ID and voicemail. By signing up with a VOIP account, most carriers often include these features at no charge.

Convenience – Wouldn’t it be great to receive your phone calls anywhere? As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can use your phone with the software. This means you can make calls at work, on vacation or even five thousand miles away.

Small businesses are often already strapped for cash. Why not make the switch to a phone system that can potentially save you thousands of dollars? As long as your business has a high-speed Internet connection, setting up a VOIP account can be done within a day.

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